Brand Detail
Brand Name :
NOPSTRESS with Electrolytes
Packaging :
100 gm to 500 gm packets, 1 kg to 3 kg bags
Description :


NOPSTRESS is a scientifically formulated combination of water soluble electrolytes and vitamins to combat stress in poultry. It supplies the essential vitamins which are specially required to improve resistance to disease infection during stress. NOPSTRESS is easily dissolved in water, leaving no residue nor sedimentation.

Stress is a silent "killer" of poultry and profitability. Poultry broilers and layers are subject to tremendous stress due to the extremely hot and fluctuating weather in the tropics, transportation, overcrowding, vaccination and disease. A management program which includes NOPSTRESS, vaccination, adequate supplements, and antibiotic treatment when necessary, ensures the following:

  • Improved weight gain.
  • Improved feed efficiency.
  • Reduced mortality.
  • Increased yield.

NOPSTRESS is available in a few formulations to meet different needs.

  1. NOPSTRESS with Electrolytes.
  2. NOPSTRESS TF (Tropical Formual) with Electrolytes.
  3. NOPSTRESS with Penicilin and Streptomycin.

Benefits & Advantages:

  • Promotes growth even in times of stress and disease.
  • Enhances resistance to disease during stress as only essential vitamins that improve immunity are used.
  • Balanced isotonic electrolyte solution ensures correction of any imbalance due to stress and hot weather.
  • Stimulates appetite even during hot weather and stress.
  • Enhances performance when used in conjunction with antibiotic treatment.
  • Reduces early chick mortality.
  • Reduces post-vaccination stress.
  • Improves carcass quality by reducing "dripping" after processing.